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Vol. 1:  On Isolation

Vol.1 - Contents


artwork by Raphaële Anfré

poem by Tuur Verheyde

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

photography by Anuradha Kanthanathan

poem by Nicki Blake

poem by Yewande Adebowale

photography by Ragini Menon

artwork by Eriko Hattori

poem by Nawaal K

poem by Shloka Ramachandran

artwork by Deepika Saravanan

artwork by Bianca Joseph

poems by Bernard Pearson

poem by Lori Graham

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

curated by Meghna Anil Nair

Michèle Shoonackers & Daniel Ablitt

artwork by Sonal Jadhav

flash fiction by Robin Bissett

short story by James Kramer

artwork by Sonal Jadhav

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

poem by Kate Wilson

artwork by  Jane Cornwell

artwork by Sreejaa Sundararaju

prose poem by  Sana Mohsin

poem by Priyanka Sacheti

poem by  Elaine Wang

artwork by Nisshtha Khattar

poems by  Timi Sanni

poem by Gbọ́láhàn Adébíyì

digital collages by Sunandini Banerjee

poem by  Bagavat Singh

photography by Damini Rathore

poem by Leona Malcom

poems by Naveen Kishore

Vol. 1 Accompaniments


Our editors have curated a reading list, a playlist and a watch list,
all based on the theme, for you to further explore various artistic expressions of isolation

Vol. I

on isolation

Vol. I

on isolation

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