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Vol. 1:  On Isolation

the new normal 03.jpg

Easing Into the 
"New" Normal

from our ingrained
idea of normalcy

artwork by Deepika Saravanan

There was and still is a lot of speculation about what the “new normal” would be, post COVID-19. I thought a lot about it too and for some reason, I was reminded of

the most popular mode of commute in Mumbai – the local train. A few scenes from some of the movies set in Mumbai flashed in my head and I realised what drew me

the most, were the scenes that show the daily life of a middle class Mumbaikar. The crowded train, bustling with life, cramped with thousands of people in barely

breathable proximity, getting on with their lives like any other day – this was normal. But, not any more.

So I wanted to draw parallels between what was and what is soon to be ‘NORMAL’

Deepika is a book fanatic, an art and jewellery enthusiast and an architect by day with a passion for furniture and interior design. She moonlights as an Illustrator under ‘Pill of Curiosity’ and secretly hopes to make a living out of just reading. Books and films kindled her interests towards design. She aspires to own a 6 foot tall Christmas tree with frills and trimmings, in all its glory someday!

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