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Vol. 1:  On Isolation

Bagavat Singh

/ Seclusion!

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Poem by Bagavat Singh


English Translation

Saints go to the forest in search of wisdom through seclusion.


Musicians are inspired in seclusion to compose charming tunes.

Poets enjoy sitting under trees in the garden, in seclusion, extending their imagination to create poems.

Students keep themselves awake at night, in seclusion,
to prepare for examinations the next day.

Scientists keep themselves secluded in labs,
to discover new findings for the benefit of future generations.

Babies come to life in their mothers’ wombs, though they are secluded for ten months before seeing their mothers’ faces.

Achievers keep themselves secluded
in the process of sharpening their minds and thoughts.

Brave people keep themselves secluded
to find ways to come successfully out of failures.


Effects of Lockdown
announced by the Government to defeat Covid-19


As the schools are kept closed,

the seats remain secluded without students.


Sea shores remain secluded
without children prancing in the waves.


Roads remain secluded
without vehicles to run and people to walk.


Market places remain secluded
as all shops are closed for lack of transactions.


Parks remain secluded
without children to play on swings.


Temples remain closed and they are in seclusion

without people to worship there.


Trees in the orchard remain secluded,

longing for people to pluck and enjoy their fruits.


Factories remain closed and are in seclusion

without the work of men and machinery.


Farmlands remain secluded
as they are not ploughed by farmers.


Lakes remain secluded
as no fishing nets are cast by fishermen.



We will keep ourselves secluded to avoid the spread of the deadly corona virus.

Keep ourselves secluded! Keep ourselves alert!
Keep ourselves secluded to free the world of the virus.
Keep ourselves secluded to find joy in a new world

free of worries.

Bagavat Singh is a 79 year old retired bank official with a penchant for teaching. He has deep interests in historical events, mathematics and Tamil literature. Over the years, he has written countless Tamil poems, songs and short stories that have been published in Tamil and international magazines. His songs were regularly aired on AlR and Doordashan.

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