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Vol. 1:  On Isolation

Summer 2020

poem by Kate Wilson

Avenues of glare, a glass of sun

magnifies, until it’s a focal point;

white with intimate heat,

each inch of detail brightened,

enlivened by unforgiving light.


Where once we hid away in days,

city-slickened and caught fast,

in circular motions we taught

ourselves to build hours around,

now, stillness walks a slow descent.


There is nothing left to estimate

no room for interpretation,

soloists in languor, patience

no longer a choice, open-faced,

at home with our reflections.

Kate J Wilson’s work has appeared in the Pendle Anthology of War Poetry and Alliterati, and will be featured in Mookychick’s inaugural anthology and 14 Magazine. Her debut pamphlet, One Night in January is due from Wild Pressed Books in 2021. 

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