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Vol. 1:  On Isolation

White Shades of Grey

White Shades of Grey - I

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

Capturing a moment of self-reflection, peace, and meditation

Shifting Landscapes

Shifting Landscapes - I, II, III

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

Looking through my window to find an infinite shifting landscape of lush green mountains and a crisp blue sky with Van Goghesque Clouds gliding slowly throughout the day.


Idō _ Movement

artwork by Athiba Balasubramanian

Striving for balance in these uncertain times with a 3rd invisible element that seems to be teaching us a lesson on priorities, life, and nature.


Athiba Balasubramanian is an architect, designer, and an art enthusiast. Inkinglight is a passion project that he started back in 2013 when he was a freshman at architecture school; the name simply refers to the most fundamental definition of art – i.e. capturing light. Apart from sketching Athiba found himself experimenting with non-objective abstractions using acrylics. His minimalist works are largely influenced by colors and compositions found in nature or even manmade forms.

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