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Our Story

"Follow your heart, keep it awake, always, everywhere."
Paul Celan

The Open Culture Collective was started by three friends with a mutual love for literature, art, and cats. What began as a hypothetical discussion on potentially creating a digital zine that highlighted work by underrepresented creatives quickly became this little green space on the internet that a lot of love, creativity and excitement goes into. 

These are turbulent times we live in, and TOCC was gestating in the midst of a global pandemic. We believe that although art and literature offer a wonderful escape from the often grim realities of the world, it can also be an efficient tool to educate, empower, remedy and assuage. The goal of this platform was always to amplify the voices of artists and writers who have otherwise felt excluded from the often insular creative world. 

Welcome to the Collective!

Meet The Team

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Meghna is a doctor and writer. She's an ardent, if not somewhat jaded supporter of Arsenal Football Club, and is passionate about tennis, coffee, and existentialism. Her dream is to own a library someday.

contributing editor

Jasmitha is a researcher in Human Geography and Anthropology. Her practice as a researcher is complimented by her interests in popular culture, comparative literature and film studies. She is in constant search of the perfect spot to enjoy the sun (preferably somewhere by the sea).

Rashmi is an architect and graphic designer with immense love for philosophical literature, the art of filmmaking and all things Japanese. She enjoys taking photographs and is happiest when dappled in sunlight, surrounded by animals & nature.

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