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Vol. 1:  On Isolation


poem by Lori Graham

Will life drag me

like tumbleweed

from one side of the world

to the other forever?


Do roots always dig deep?

ferns in the woods

plucked out and placed in

new soil often wither, 

refusing to thrive, a



Home is where the heart is?

what a cliche lie!

my heart is the wind

drifting through the branches of a

feathery willow near the stream

never still always stretching out

like pea sprouts,

struggling for





I see no roots

growing out of my feet

no matter how many times

I think they will.

Lori Graham is a late-blooming lesbian who lives in Woodbridge, England. Lori earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of North Florida, a major she chose so she could read and write while earning a degree. She has had the following work published: “Last Month” in Poems on Global Lockdown and CoronaVirus (Poet’s Choice July 2020), “Out” and “Who Was She?” in Other Worldly Women Press (July 2020), and “Change is Coming” in XR-GLobal Creative (Due August 2020)

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