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Vol. 3:  Saudade

Vol.2 - Contents


flash fiction by Prerna Chatterjee

art by Hironobu Naito

analog film photo series

poem by Samiksha Ransom

photo series by Damini Rathore

poem by e.a Gregor

art by Chumik

poem by Nicki Blake

poem by Isabella Melians

photo series by María María Acha Kutscher 

poem by Adam Walters

art by Chumik

poem by Christian Garduno

prose poem by Smriti Prabakaran

poem by Tuur Verheyde

art by Twiggy Boyer

poem by Tuur Verheyde

poem by Ismim Putera

poem by Ren Pike

art by Hironobu Naito

poem by Hansika Jethnani

poem by Adam Walters

photo series

poem by Aisan L. Afshar

poem by Anna Kisby

nude monotype prints

short story by Karen Lethlean

photo series by Aylin Sayek

short story by Darby Murnane

poem by Hariny V

poem by Bernard Pearson

poem by Naveen Kishore

art by Athiba Balasubramanian

Vol. 1 Accompaniments


Our editors have curated a playlist with melodies that echo the theme of Saudade.

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