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Vol. 3:  Saudade

Undelivered Mail

Hansika Jethnani

Hansika Jethnani is a poet & visual artist. She floats between feeling like a cloud and an onion. She writes about themes such as colonialism, migration, shame she learned to carry, shame she is learning to unlearn, her fatness, her queerness and her mental squabbles. Her work has previously appeared in Young Ignorantes, Whip Zine, Mush Stories and Chaicopy.

There must be a pool of lost envelopes lying around somewhere,
or perhaps a mountain of them
piled up
unread letters hoping to find a way back
to their founding post office or intended home;
preferring the latter.

The burden of one another carving creases
chewing unread sentences
aching to settle on lips of fingers
meant to cause the creasing

The desire to be swallowed
by a grief less

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