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Vol. 3:  Saudade

Springtime Roses

Twiggy Boyer

16” in Diameter; Mixed Media Collage on Circle Panel; 2021

Memories are recollections of the past, a collection of fleeting moments ingrained within us forever. My work seeks to explore how our own memories are often parallel to another person’s. I believe that we have all shared the same sort of memory as someone else but from a different perspective. I aim to bring a sense of connection to one another through filters of culture, traditions, and time often using found photographs, collage and drawing elements. I want to bring the viewer a visual experience and encourage an emotional response-- borrowing aspects from the memory of others; I mold them into my own and aim to create new ones for others to borrow from.

Twiggy Boyer is a French mixed media collage artist currently living in South Florida. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 with a BFA in painting and curatorial studies and has since been a part of a number of group exhibitions and publications.

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