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Robyn Weaver

Robyn Weaver is currently an MFA student at Eastern Kentucky University.

Pain builds her walls around me,

protecting herself.                       Guilt wishes

                                                     she had just awoken sooner,

                                                     been able to stop her sister.           Resentment

                                                                                                             hates what the other two have done

                                                                                                             to her, tries to knock down


what pain has built, but she sees

the other two

                         crumbling, can’t help

                         but hold them up. They move

                         together, one dark cloud swirling.

I have learned this dance.         I am turning,


                                                                                       trying to change the steps,

but their gravity is too much.

                                                   I fall

                                                                        back into time,

                                                                        bound to these fated moves.


                                     The sisters are nowhere in sight.


But I have learned well,

so on

            and on

                         and on


                                                   I dance.

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