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Ivan de Monbrison

Russian Poem

Ivan de Monbrison is a poet, writer and artist living in Paris born in 1969. He has studied oriental languages there after high school, not with great success. Ivan has autistic and schizophrenic tendencies that he has been trying to cope with through art, in the past twenty years of his life. He has published some poems in the past

Маленькие кусочки моего тела по всему полу моей комнаты.
Иногда они двигаются.
Я закрыл дверь.
Ты говоришь со мной, но я тебя не слышу, не совсем.
Где-то в здании закрывается еще одна дверь.
Я закрываю глаза.
Животное падает,
Я поднимаю его, оно больше не живет.
И я, я мертв, как оно, уже слишком долго.

English Translation:

There is
little bits of my body, all over my bedroom floor.
Sometimes they move.
I closed the door.
You’re talking to me, but I can’t hear you, not quite well.
Somewhere in the building, another door is shut.
I close my eyes.
The animal falls,
I pick it up, it doesn’t live anymore.
And I, I died, like it, long ago already.

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