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Victoria Punch

'Mercury' is a portrait of the Roman god of that name, trickster, shapechanger and meddler. This poem was first published by Free Verse Revolution.

Victoria Punch is a voice coach and musician. Curious about voice and identity, the limits of language and how we perceive things; her poetry comes from these explorations. Published in Sledgehammer and the6ress. Forthcoming in Poetry, Otis Nebula and The Gravity of the Thing. Found on Twitter and Instagram @victoriapunch_

you are quick, wits about you
stealing looks and likenesses
picked from pockets
mocking-jay manners
petty thief
you are bad news
the unshot messenger of cons like coins,
circular – two faced
ridged like a cliff edge
you are the note passed under the table,
the old love letter,
the pre-storm grey.
you are everywhere and hard to find
the social pressure gauge
the callous barometer of the bar –
toxic. serpentcircle.


you are a liquid liar
you – a smooth one
with feet like wings
the deer that’s never caught
the spear that never misses
you’re the mask, the magnet, the multisided
heavy. poisonous
you are like a broken arm set wrong
shapeshifter, quicksilver
you are the bright mind
of comedy
only tragic – metallic
you bring the plot twist
you stir – invisible.


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