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Flathead Lake Legends

Lyndsie Conklin

Lyndsie Conklin (she/her) is a Montanan transplanted to Colorado, living with her husband and cat, Beans. She enjoys getting outside, being a cat mom, breakfast foods, Diet Coke, and (of course) writing poetry and erotic fiction. Some of her work has been featured in Poetry Cove Magazine, The Sleeve Magazine, and Dreamer by Night Magazine.

Creation stories include descriptions
no other sighting has confirmed.
Yet, the fear of gigantic unknowns
keep the Montana lore alive.

Sets of lengthy, invasive species
have numbed the centuries of tales.
Fisherman’s feats complicate mysticism,
that validated a child’s survival story,

and other modern day sightings.
Protected by the glacial waters
swirling legends deep, technology
cannot deny monstrous fables

children use to terrify youthful friends
while fathers jokingly drink on boats.
Rivers and wildlife aerial drops
keep the colossal mountain lake

plentiful of prey and distractions.
Yet cherry-mouth travelers listen
to natives retell their fish stories
about the Flathead Lake legends.

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