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Aeesha Abdullahi Alhaji

Aeesha Abdullahi Alhaji is an essayist, poet and writer. Her works have appeared on Blank pages, Parrotbox, The daily reality, Wilishwash press, Spiritedmuse, Echoes of the African drums Anthology, People world magazine etc.

I warned you chloe, about the tricks of deceit
You stoop low and fell deaf to the warnings of abbott
Your eyes hypnotized to the yearnings of fallacy
This world never has anything to offer
You stood ground and walked eyes open into a trap
Fate dealt you a blow with no cover from jeopardy
You met cruelty in a human form and fell flat to the ground
So blind was your love to a grievous mistake
How shattered I met you in a comatose state
Your endless nightmares were torture to the silent night
The briming tears unstoppable, how lean my limbs fell
Numb to a faded promise between You and I.

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