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Cassiopeia On The Rocks

Catarsis Ballesteros

Catarsis Ballesteros is a sapphic artist from Mexico who specializes in painting, but dabbles in music and literature. Growing up around a lot of spiritual tales from their maternal family they developed a love for fantasy and bygone times. Social media: Twitter @hellcat_arsis Instagram @the_stitchbard

Cassiopeia on the rocks—
How she withers when she walks!
Born by seashore every night
And naught but sand come morning light.

I know she’s not for me still I
Stubbornly craft another poem;
Gold visions dance under my eyes
And leave me stranded, winded, mourning.

Pricked my hand on the spindle, heedless—
Seeking to be witched by a curse or two
I grew roots waiting for the sunrise
And slowly wilt just to forego you.

Cruelly angelic, clear, unbound;
With the sun tailing her like a hound.

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