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Leandra Lee

The poem is named after the Egyptian God of Death, and is inspired by the myth of The Feather of Ma'at.

Leandra Lee is a poetry and nonfiction writer based in Raleigh, NC, where she lives with her partner, their three cats, innumerable houseplants, and bearded dragon. This is her eighth publication. She can be found on Twitter @DiscountDelRey

When I die, when my heart is weighed against the
feather of justice, when I am embalmed and my
brain is pulled out through my nose, when the
autopsy technicians say “what a shame” before going
on with their day, will the weight of everyone else’s
troubles and pain and strife that I carry with me,
that pumps through my capillaries and arteries, be
counted against me? Will my heart, heavy with
empathy, break the scale, the feather no match for
such a naive woman, one who carried their pain
more carefully than their own?

Whose heart will my
worries weigh down?

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