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Vol. 2: 

On Identity

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artwork by Rina Ota


Inside of Each Noise, Life Exists.

Since I came to Barcelona to start over my life from scratch, I’ve lived surrounded by many kind of noises. I prefer to say “noise”, although it doesn’t mean something unpleasant, for me, it represents the essence of life. While I listen to it, I go absorbing each nuance, thus I grow little by little.

Possibly you can find bits of those noises in my works. I like imperfection, I think it’s interesting.

For me, drawing pictures is like conversation. While I draw, I “talk” with myself and with the canvas. The first strokes are very spontaneous, so every time something different appears, depending on the state of my mind. And then, I continue trusting my intuition and feelings.

I feel that these conversations are related with the music. But for me, the music doesn’t mean only melodies but also rhythm and colours. I’d like to talk with people through my music.

Rina Ota is an established, prizewinning Japanese painter and sculptor. She was born in Perú and grow up in Tokyo. She started her career as an artist in Barcelona, Spain in 1998. Her work has been exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions in cultural centers like Barcelona, Madrid, and Tokyo. Her work is inspired by nature and human. Her works are sophisticated, belying her mature artistic sensibility.

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